Is It Me? - an Irish murder mystery

Welcome to the official website of Jack Kiernan, author of Is It Me? The Joseph Heffernan Story, an historical investigation into a century-old Irish murder mystery.

Jack Kiernan's book is available to browse and buy from this website. Read about the background to this book, the murder of Mary Walker, the case that was brought against Joseph Heffernan and how Jack Kiernan came to investigate. A summary of the case, the charges that were brought and how the evidence changed is also available and free to download.

The events that played out in the summer of 1909, which resulted in the murder in Mullingar of Co. Carlow native, Miss Mary Walker shocked a nation. But this book asks whether there may have been another victim in the sorry saga - the person who was tried, convicted and executed for the crime. In Is It Me? Jack Kiernan takes us back to the time and place in question. He first presents the evidence, as it was revealed to the general public at the time. This is in order to appreciate how that evidence was perceived by the public and the impact it would have had on them. As he slowly unpicks that evidence however, it becomes clear that there was another story, one which has not yet been told.

Is It Me? The Joseph Heffernan Story is available to buy online, as well as in all good bookshops. It is available too in e-book editions.

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